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Most ants cause little damage but are a nuisance. Some can infest food, and others weaken the wood in structures. As such, we cannot deny that ants can make our lives incredibly inconvenient. The best remedy is to find and treat the nest. But sometimes it isn’t easy to find and treat all nests or eliminate an entire colony. So, you should use a holistic approach to control ant infestations. Read on for the most effective ways to do this:

1. Seal Entry Points

Ants can enter your house through small cracks and crevices due to their size. Once an ant locates a crack and crevice in the walls, foundations, or windows, it enters and carries edible materials back to the nest. While doing this, it leaves a chemical trail for its colony to follow.

You can follow the path to identify the cracks on your property. Seal all of them using caulk or any other suitable material.

2. Destroy the Scent Trails

Since you may not locate all the scent trails, you need lemon juice or vinegar. These chemicals have properties that can neutralize the chemical path that ants make. For the best outcome, you need to create a mixture in the ratio of 1:3, with water being more. Spray the solution around your home and ants’ entryways.

3. Create a Wall that Keeps the Ants Away

Ants hate the smell of some naturally occurring plants like mint or food-grade diatomaceous earth. Since none of the above methods are perfect, you could plant a repellent around your home’s perimeter and entryways to create the wall. You can also wipe the suspected areas with a cotton ball with peppermint oil cotton.

4. Spray Pesticides Carefully

If you happen to successfully identify an outdoor ant nest, apply a dose of insecticides that is enough to reach the queen. Use the approved insecticides and follow the instructions carefully. However, before you start, be sure you verify that you are treating the colony that is causing you hard times. Remember that ants and other insects are helpful garden creatures that you should never kill without a justifiable reason.

5. Clean House 

Grease, sugar, and other foods attract ants. By removing these potential lures and cleaning the room to remove the invisible trail of chemicals, the number of ants coming to your house will reduce drastically. Seal your pet foods, take out the trash regularly, and store all your foods in secure places. 

Call a Pest Control Professional

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Ant infestations are often a significant source of distress for most property owners. Luckily, there are simple ways of controlling them. Once you have destroyed their chemical trails, removed the attractants, and sealed the entrants, you can use some safe insecticides and enjoy your peace. However, if you just can’t seem to get rid of ants yourself, call a pest control professional like Scott’s Turf and Pest Services at 919-923-2361 to help. Our methods are environmentally friendly and safe.

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