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What to do About an Ant Problem in Mebane NC

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Ant Issues

Ants are a social insect that lives in colonies. Any ant control treatment plans should include exterminating the entire colony, simply spraying a single or few ants with spray will scatter the colony, not eradicate it. You may have ants in your home that are foraging for food or seeking shelter. You may wonder then what to do about an ant problem in Mebane, NC. Our friends at Scott’s Turf and Pest Services, a pest control company in North Carolina, are here to help.

What to do About an Ant Problem in Mebane NC

Use Indoor Bait

It is important to avoid the temptation to simply use pesticides to spray visible ants marking along trails inside your home. Pesticide sprays can eliminate a few visible ants, but more will soon replace them, and by extension you won’t make any actual progress to eliminate the infestation. Instead, use these worker ants as the way into the colony by placing ant bait for them to carry back to the nest.

Ant baits are edible materials, typically sweet and sugary carbohydrates, mixed with substances that are toxic to ants but have minimal toxicity to animals or humans.

Whatever ant bait you use, try to place it close to visible ant trails but outside the reach of pets and children. The bait will work most effectively if you keep other surfaces clean so that the bait is the only sweet substance available to attract the ants.

As the ants carry the bait back to the nest, you will slowly see less and less of the ants in the home until the colony is eliminated. It may take a few days but be patient and you should soon have relief.

Use Spray Pesticides Outdoors

If you happen upon any ant trails outside and find the nest for the colony, then it might make sense to apply liquid pesticide that can soak down to reach the queen. Drenching the nest with an approved pesticide and following all instructions labeled, that this can be effective. Make sure though that these ants are the same ones that are reaching in the home, as most ants are helpful garden insects that you have no reason to kill.


Sanitation will always be critical for the prevention and control of any pest. Like all living creatures, ants need water, food, and shelter to survive. Ants leave the shelter of the colony in order to find food and water. Don’t make this search easy for them. Keep your food sealed, floors swept, and all surfaces cleaned. Do this, especially when a known ant problem is discovered. Even after you have eliminated any issues though keep the home clean to prevent any future issues.

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