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Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed Bug Exterminator


Bed bugs are not just something to worry about while on vacation in hotel rooms, bed bug infestations can happen anywhere in your home. These common pests are experts at finding various hiding places and can live extended amounts of time without a food source. Which means without general pest control measures quarterly or annually you could be sitting (literally sitting) on a dangerous pest problem. Here are a few signs that you may have a bed bug infestation:

  • Presence of itchy, round red bites on your skin

  • Small “shells” or shed skins of molting bed bugs on your sheets or mattress

  • Musty smell aroma throughout the suspected area

  • Blood stains present from where you may have experienced bed bug bites.

  • Regular red patches on your skin arising overnight, sometimes itchy welts.

  • Any physical bed bug sighting

If you have any of the above signs, you are probably looking for a professional pest control company to help remove your bed bug problem fast and efficiently. At Scott’s Turf & Pest Services we are a family-owned pest control service that provides you with quick and reliable solutions. We help to get rid of bed bugs in your home by providing you with a dedicated program that will solve your problems at an affordable price. To schedule your bed bug appointment with us please click on the button below. 

What We Do As Your Bed Bug Exterminator

At Scott’s Turf & Pest Services we operate on three basic principles as your bed bug exterminator.

1. Prevention: We make sure that you know that we are taking measures to control the pests from the outside so that you do not have pests on the inside of your home.

2. Kill: In spite of how many there are in number, we use spray, and aerosol to eradicate the pests before they invade your home.

3. Control: Bed bugs are controlled by a couple of different applications through heat, steam, and aerosol applications. heat and a chemical and aerosol application.

How To Identify Bed Bugs?


The only good thing about a potential bed big infestation is that unlike other common pests, such fleas, cockroaches, or mosquitoes, bedbugs and their signs are relatively large and easy to spot. Once you have witnessed one of the above signs or experienced a bed bug bite, it is important to begin examining your home for the physical pests. Due to the danger of bed bugs bite to humans it is extremely important to ensure you have identified the correct pest to develop the best course of action to remove bedbugs from your home.

Here’s your checklist to identifying a bedbug and telling it apart from other pesky insects. If you answer yes to any of of the below questions, you’re likely dealing with bedbugs:


  • Are they brown or reddish-brown, not black or dark-colored?

  • Are they flat with an overall rounded shape, not long and spherical?

  • Do they crawl but not fly or jump like a flea?

  • Do they leave light-brown molted skin behind?

  • Have you witnessed any tiny white eggs that look like grains of rice around your home?

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Now that you know how to identify bed bugs it is important to know which pieces of furniture or specific areas of your home that are at risk of becoming bed bug infested areas. They can hang out in all sorts of indoor objects, including:


  • Mattresses and box springs

  • Sheets, blankets, and pillows

  • Suitcases or other luggage items

  • Your bed frame

  • Headboards

  • Spaces with a lot clutter, such as piles of clothes

  • Beneath peeling or cracking paint or wallpaper

  • Within your carpet

  • Seams of upholstered furniture

  • Clothes

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Any space with easy access

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

If you think that you may have a bed bug infestation in your living spaces, especially within your couches or mattresses, waste no time in eliminating the pest problem to help limit the overall damages caused to your home.

You do have the option to preform treatment yourself, but you may find a DIY approach will include a large investment of money, time, and may not fully eliminate the beg bug problems. So while professional pest control services may come with an initial extra cost, the success and knowledge of pest experts will leave your home pest free in no time.

Additional ways to help prevent your beg bug infestation from spreading:


  • Wash and dry your clothes/bedding on high heat. One of the first things you should do when working to eliminate your pest problems is wash any fabric materials you can in hot water. Then dry everything you can at a high temperature preferably above 122°F.

  • Deep clean mattresses, seams, or upholstery. After you have removed all fabric off of the surfaces of your home it is important that you take a stiff brush to clean all of the surfaces or non removable fabric. Specifically the mattresses, bed frames, box springs, and couch cushions. This will help scrape away any eggs or bugs that might be hiding in the crevices of your furniture to prevent future needs for pest control .

  • Remove and pick up any clutter. As you remove the fabric and furniture the bed bugs were originally found, the bugs will move. So be proactive and remove any new surfaces you could find bed bugs.

  • Vacuum regularly. Once you’ve removed unnecessary clutter its time to focus on any additional areas where they can hide or live throughout your house that can not be removed, such as cracks near your carpet. Also check the flooring and crevices around your mattress or bed frame. Once you are finished dump out your vacuum contents in a plastic bag away from your home to keep the beg bugs from returning.

  • Freeze clothes or bedding. It is important to note Bedbugs can also freeze to death, so try putting your clothes or bedding in the freezer for a few days or leaving them outside when the temperature drops below freezing if you are not able to utilize high heat options.

  • Fix or seal cracks in your paint or wallpaper. Another great way to help prevent the spread of a bed bugs is to check the cracks within your house on a regular basis to fix any issues and give the bedbugs one less place to hide.

Why you Should Hire Exterminators in North Carolina?

If you are already in the thick of an infestation of bed bugs, don’t wait for the problem to worsen call a pest expert today. Professionals like our team at Scott’s Turf & Pest Services know where bedbugs hide and how to quickly remove your bed bug problem.

But we believe it is best not to wait for a reason to call a professional pest control company. Routine pest management can be beneficial to homeowners, business owners, or residents within apartment complexes. These pest control services will help you feel at peace when you lie down in bed each night, because the last thing you want to think about is the threat of bed bugs.

Sound like what you need? Please send us a message using the form below or call 919-923-2361 for a free estimate.

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