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5 Key SIgns of Bed Bugs in Durham NC

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Examining the Key Signs of Bed Bugs

Even without these pests in your home bed bugs are one of those notorious pests that can cause a sleepless night or two, just at the mere thought. If you add to that some tell tale signs of an infestation and it might just be the right time to call in an exterminator. A good pest control company such as Scott’s Turf and Pest Services is a company you can trust, you will always get the absolute best service. With that, let’s take a look at what are the 5 Key Signs of Bed Bugs in Durham, NC.

Signs of Bed Bugs - in Durham NC

1.) Bites: Do I have bed bugs?

The most common way most people find they have bed bugs is through bites on their bodies. However, since a lot of bugs can bite you should know what makes for the signs of a bed bug bite.

Bed bugs prefer to bite on exposed skin, so arms, shoulders, neck, face, the bottom of your legs. Any of the areas that aren’t covered by a blanket are the easiest targets. They will typically appear in clusters, sometimes having a zigzag pattern. These bites aren’t painful, but you may have itchiness, redness, and swelling with your skin reacting to the bite.


2.) Droppings: What do they look like and where you may find them.

Since bed bugs feed on blood, their droppings are dark and have a similar appearance to coffee grounds. If you poke it with your finger, there may even be a smear of old blood left behind. Bed bugs don’t travel far from their food source, so you will most likely see droppings on the sheets, pillowcases, bed frame, nightstand, and any other furniture close to your bed.

3.) Eggshells and other body parts

The bed bug life cycle involves shedding many shells as they grow. Bugs have exoskeletons, which means the shells they molt look like the living bed bug. Bed bugs and bed bug shells are reddish brown, round, and around 4mm long. They have a shape, color, and size that is close to an apple seed, which can make identifying them and their shells easier.

4.) How to find their hiding spots

Bed bugs are a sneaky pest, so you probably won’t ever see one unless you notice these other telltale signs first and then decide to go looking for them. 

To find the bed bugs, you’ll need to have a flashlight on hand because most of the areas you’ll be looking in are dark, hidden places. The first place you should look is the mattress. If you lift it up, you may be able to spot them close to the corners. 

If the mattress appears clean, then move to the headboard next. All you have to do is shine your light behind it and look for any kind of movement. Other areas worth checking out are the underside of the furniture near your bed, inside outlets, on your curtains, and behind any paintings you have.

5.) You travel a lot or know someone who’s had an infestation

Since bed bugs won’t invade your home unless you travel or know someone who’s had bed bugs, you can help prevent an infestation by being cautious. Now that you know where they like to hide, you should get into the habit of inspecting your hotel rooms whenever you travel. No matter the prestige of the hotel, any room can have bed bugs. 

If you do find bed bugs in the room, your luggage could now be a transportation vessel. This means that you should never bring your luggage inside your home once you return. If you have items that can’t be discarded you should unpack outside, inspect carefully, and sanitize as best you can. Wash your clothes in hot water with detergent then drying on the hottest settings should be enough to kill any hitchhikers.

What to do if you have a bed bug infestation? Contact Scott’s Turf and Pest Services for help!

Has your home been invaded by bed bugs? At Scott’s Turf & Pest Control Services our technicians are trained in the most effective bed bug control and removal methods to help you regain control of your home.

Bed bugs are tricky pests. Not only are they great at hiding, but they can survive even the harshest and most thorough at-home treatments. This is why it is important to call a professional right away.

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