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Are you ready for mowing season and worried you might have a Yellow Jackets nest? Whether you have seen the first signs of Yellow Jackets swarming above the ground or not, you should always inspect your mowing area. A lot of times bees nest are discovered when you run them over with your mower and unfortunately there is no way to outrun them! So with the help of Scott’s Turf and Pest Services, a pest control company Hillsborough, Durham, Mebane, and surrounding areas, let’s talk about how to get rid of Yellow Jackets.

How To Identify Yellow Jackets Nest?

The best way to locate a Yellow Jacket’s nest is to survey the surrounding areas for any group of bees hovering in the grass. This is usually a clear identifier that there is a nest near by and you may need to get rid of the Yellow Jackets before working within the location. They can also make above ground nests, in structures such as barns, sheds, RV’s, stationary cars, dog houses, attic areas, and any additional space that is protected from weather.

The above ground nests can be in high traffic and sensitive areas where people and animals frequently walk. Always be attentive when going into your homes or businesses to be aware of any Yellow Jackets going into siding, decking or dryer vent. Situations like a dryer vent not being completely sealed off can allow the yellow jackets to gain access under and inside the home to build a nest.

Are Yellow Jackets Dangerous?

Not sure if you should be concerned about your recent Yellow Jacket discovery? Yellow Jackets are known to be extremely aggressive and attack in groups without warning. Due to the fact this species of bee is very social with their counterparts any vibration of the ground, incoming light or changes may trigger their need to protect the hive.

This is why a thorough inspection of your property should be completed mid spring through late fall anytime when working outside in North Carolina and surrounding states. Yellow Jacket nests can go undetected for weeks before witnessing any bodies above ground. Throughout this time underground nests can get up to a foot deep and expand many feet in their width allowing for enough space to home hundreds of thousands of Yellow Jackets.

How To Treat A Bee Sting?

People often ask, how far can a Yellow Jacket chase you and will they sting? Due to their protective nature if a yellow jackets nest is threatened they can band together and chase down the threat to their nest up to 100 yards resulting in multiple bee stings at once. Like many bees, Yellow Jacket stings can be dangerous or even deadly. Their stings can cause deadly allergic reactions in some people, so when dealing with a bee stings of any type it is always best to consult a doctor in case of unknown reactions. Doctors can prescribed medications which can give people more time to get to the hospital to get full scale, life saving medical treatment or provide proper at home suggestions. At the end of the day it’s best to never test their aggressive nature and eliminate the nest upon discovery.

What Should Be Used To Kill Yellow Jackets?

Knowing now that a single bee sting could cause a fatal allergic reaction you are probably wondering how to get rid of Yellow Jackets around your living space. After properly locating the nest, there are a few ways to eliminate the Yellow Jackets. The first way is to use Tempo or any good residual dust product. This method is best applied with a duster straight into the nest entry. Purchase Tempo or similar products online via Amazon.

Another way is to use a liquid treatment, such as Cypermethrin, which is also applied into the nest. These products are pyrethriods that are very effective in killing Yellow Jackets and also have a very low toxicity for humans, pets and birds. A fog treatment is also an effective method to try yourself, products such as Amdro can be applied to the nest and the yellow jackets transfer the product to each other as they fly around

The average life span of a yellow jacket is 12 to 22 days so population size grows at a very high rate to expand the colony quickly. So it is best to eliminate the threat early on. If you are not sure where to start when selecting your products or locating your Yellow Jacket nests our team can help today. Contact us here!

How To Keep Bees Away?

Scott’s Turf and Pest Services recommends that you should always be attentive to insects that are around the exterior of your home, especially around any areas that you mow or landscape. It is always best to protect your home before the pest have the chance to enter your space and create nests. As well as our pest control packages our experienced team is always prepared and ready to help protect your home for any pest, just call us at 919-923-2361 or fill out the form below.

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