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Fertilizer Service

Practically, a lush green lawn is the American dream. Because a healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn, the best lawn care providers tend to the holistic health of your yard – the beneficial bugs burrowing through it, the soil, and its nutrient balance. At Scott’s Turf and Pest, we acknowledge this and deliver you the best fertilizer service in areas of Hillsborough NC and Orange County NC.

So, if you’re unhappy with the way your lawn looks and are equally frustrated with expensive lawn care products, we’re here to help. Servicing in Hillsborough NC and Orange Country NC, Scott’s Turf and Pest is a team of lawn specialists with experience in grass treatment and lawn maintenance. We’ll do our best to survey your garden, subsequently discussing a cost-effective method of controlling moss and weeds and enhancing the health and overall appearance of your lawn.

Why Choose Scott’s Turf & Pest Services?

Technicians at Scott’s Turf and Pest offer clients a proactive, proven approach to lawn fertilization, weed control, and grub pest control. Our experts can keep your home safe from deadly pests like fleas, ticks, spiders, and more, help prevent weeds, and fortify your lawn with balanced nutrients.

  • We’re kind to the environment: Similar to any other plant, grass produces oxygen by taking carbon dioxide from the air. The lawns are incredible at producing oxygen when kept healthy. In fact, a number of studies suggest that a 25 square feet area of a healthy lawn grass produces enough oxygen every day to meet every oxygen need of an adult.
  • Control weeds and pests: If there isn’t any regular maintenance, there’s a risk that your lawn may become infested with damaging pests. There’s also a threat of unwanted weed starving and growing in your lawn. At Scott’s Turf and Pest, our weed pest control service helps discover and treat pests along with other troublesome weeds before they completely get out of hand. 
  • Prevent lawn diseases: Many common lawn diseases are found in gardens across Hillsborough, NC, and Orange Country, NC. Based on the environment, temperature, and recent weather conditions, different diseases may thrive. At Scott’s Turf and Pest, our lawn treatment experts always take these factors into consideration when choosing the best lawn treatment for you.

With lots of years in business, you could say a thing or two about our grander lawn care service. Although the practices have evolved considerably, our philosophy hasn’t changed a bit – to use the best equipment and products for offering unrivaled customer service. Our experts are professionally trained to understand your lawn, offering you trustworthy lawn care service and advice, just like a best friend would!

Service Area:

At Scott’s Turf & Pest Services we proudly serve the following areas: Buckhorn, Burlington, Bynum, Chapel Hill, Durham, Efland, Eli Whitney, Fearrington, Graham, Haw River, Hawfields, Hillsborough, Mandale, Mebane, Miles, Pittsboro, Saxapahaw, Sweponsville, and Wilsonville. 

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