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In order to have the most effective treatment possible please follow the guidelines listed below.

  • All pets must be removed from the premises and not returned until the treatment is complete and unit is well ventilated. Usually 4-6 hours. 24 hours for birds.
  • If pet has fleas at the time of treatment, the owner must arrange for the pet to be treated. Treatment must be done on the day of treatment and either before or while the premises are being treated.
  • The homeowner or occupant must do the following just before the flea treatment : remove all items such as toys and pillows off the floor or carpet; remove all articles from under beds, on closet floors, and from under furniture. Vacuum all upholstered furniture, floors, and carpeting, paying particular attention to the foot of the furniture on which the pet rests, under furniture and wall- floor junctions (around baseboards). The vacuum bag must be immediately removed and put into a plastic bag, the top sealed and placed in an outside garbage receptacle. Thoroughly clean all areas frequented by pets.
  • On day of treatment the occupants or pets must leave and not re-enter the premises for at least 4-6 hours. Upon re-entry test carpets and upholstered items to see if dry. If not allow more time to dry. Ventilate before allowing children or pets to enter.
  • After treatment it is possible to still see fleas. They will start to die as they get into the chemical. Since nothing kills the eggs it is important to vacuum as much as possible after the first 24 hours and throw away vacuum cleaner bags.


If you have any questions please call us at 919-923-2361.

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