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Why Do I Have Bugs in My Heating Vents?

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Bugs in the Vent

You saw it escape into the air vents. Or maybe you notice a weird smell when the heat kicks on. There may be some bugs crawling around in your heating vents. So, you may wonder why do I have bugs in my heating vents? Well, the experts at Scott’s Turf and Pest services, pest control in Durham, North Carolina are here to help!

Why Do I Have Bugs in My Heating Vents

How did bugs get in my heating vents?

That question has a simple answer. They simply crawled right in. Bugs can sneak in even the smallest of spaces. They want to be warm too when it gets cold. If you want to take the precautions though to keep them out, seal up any cracks in your foundation or around your windows, inspecting all vents to make sure they are sealed tight.

How do I get bugs out of my heating vents?

A common mistake that we see happen all too often is trying to treat ventilation systems with aerosol pesticides. This is NOT safe at all and should not be suggested by any pest control company. When your heat comes on, it will blow all those chemicals around your rooms. This can cause problems for you, your family, any pets, or anyone especially with asthma or other medical problems.

How can I prevent bugs from getting in my vents?

Start with regular maintenance and routine inspections with your pest control partner. There are also mesh screens that can be installed to work as a barrier between your home or business and the bugs who want to warm up inside. Also be sure to change your filters often to keep moisture at bay and air flowing smoothly, and keep all outdoor units clean.

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