Pest Control Service: Everything You Need to Know

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This article will explain everything you need to know about pest control service. First, what are pests? Pests are unwanted organisms -plants, insects, animals, microbes- that interfere with human activity in any way. These creatures may affect people by biting, destroying food crops, damaging properties, or transmitting diseases. They can be divided into three broad types, that may overlap:


  • Medical/Veterinary: They harm humans’ health or attack animals such as livestock, respectively. Insects like wasps and yellow jackets may inject us with harmful substances. Others, like mosquitos and aphids, transmit different diseases to humans and plants.
  • Urban: They infest our home in some way and they can even feed on us, like bed bugs, or appear in dwellings, like cockroaches.
  • Pest Damage: Pests can cause serious damage to health or lead to several economic losses. Therefore, its control becomes essential. The first step is the correct identification of the pest type because this will determine the most effective method to erase it.

A wrong identification can lead to improper tactics, costing you time and money and causing unnecessary risks for people’s health and the environment. You can trust many experts to identify the pests. Sometimes, it is enough with a description -by phone or email- for them to identify the kind of plague. On the other hand, they may need to examine the place on their own.


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You can contact a cooperative extension service or hire a professional local pest control service. Also, there are some online resources that may help you identify the pest and get some specific information about this issue in the area you live in.

If you have found a pest and you know nothing about it, there is some useful information that you should consider. Let’s see the most frequently asked question regarding this issue.

What Does Pest Control Service Include?

When you call a professional pest management service, they will take some steps to guarantee that the plague is eliminated. In cases of urban spaces and homes, pest control service includes:


  • Inspection: They will perform an exhaustive inspection both at the outside and the inside. In the exterior part, they will look for rotting, holes, entryways, and nests. They will also check if there is wood damage, dry rot, or decay. After that, they check the interior of the dwelling. They look for droppings, tunneling, fungus, or chew marks. They will probably start with the basement if you have one. Also, they measure the dimensions of the infested area to estimate a cost.
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  • Report: They must inform you about the kind of plague they found and help you understand what it is about. Also, they should explain what they did, what are the problems they found, and how they can help you. Also, they can provide recommendations on how to proceed, whether you hire their service or not.
  • Cost estimation: They provide a cost estimation of their service. If the pests are risking the structural integrity of the building, they need to design and develop an integrated plan.
  • Removal: The worker will prevent the pests from entering the building if it is only on the outside. They will also apply traps or pesticides to remove any kind of animals or bugs like roaches, ants, termites, bats, etc.

Consider that some companies are more technician, they use a short variety of pesticides and design strategies with the client to find the best solutions. Others are applicators and use a wide range of products.

They might be specialized. For example, a spider mite control expert will use a kind of miticide to exterminate it, while mosquito control requires insecticides like anvil, scourge, malathion, or permethrin. Fumigators are a different kind of applicator as they use gases to eradicate different kinds of plagues or large-scale invasions.

*Scott’s Turf and Pest Services never recommends fumigation. Give us a call to see why, 919-923-2361.

How Long Does Pest Control Take?

The duration of the process depends on the type of pest control treatment. Here are some examples but consider that some unexpected inconveniences may delay work.


Kind of treatment

Actions required

Estimate duration


Spraying for everyday type plagues (spiders, cockroaches, silverfish)

30 minutes

Active infestation

Detection, report, cost estimation, treatment, setup of preventative measures

90 – 110 minutes

Termite barrier installation

Trenching down the footings, applying products, fill the soil back.

16 hs (one technician)

8 hs (two technicians)

How Do I Prepare for Pest Control Service?

In order to facilitate the exterminators’ work and avoid unnecessary delaying, there are some things you can do before the company arrives at your home.


  • Facilitate access by removing any large piece of furniture from the corners.
  • Protect your furniture and clothes from any chemical spill or splash. You can pack them away, cover them in plastic wrapping, and store them in cabinets. It is advisable to remove bed sheets and covers, cushions, pillows, etc. Cover your furniture with plastic.
  • In the case of termite’s extermination, you need to empty all the wooden furniture.
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  • In the kitchen and dining room, clear all the countertops as they are usually sprayed.
  • Allocate your pets in a different location or keep them as far as you can from the treatment. They are usually very sensitive to pesticides.

Is Preventative Pest Control Worth It?

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It is crucial to issue preventive pest control. It is a must when talking about health and home maintenance. Not only it will save you money but also it will prevent bigger problems when it comes to plagues, and it will help you battle vermin one at a time.

The regular preventive practice is as recommendable as prevention applied to every aspect of life. It can be included among the most important home maintenance techniques. Pests control professionals perform preventive services on a regular basis. They eliminate any build-up of insect colonies and they can evaluate any pests issues you may have and prevent future infestations.

Some animals like squirrels, raccoons, and roof rats can cause structural damage to your property without you even noticing. Hiring a scheduled service will help you save thousands of dollars and avoid the potential devaluation of your property.

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Want to Protect Your Home, Your Major Investment?

Call Scott’s Turf and Pest Services and sleep better knowing we are always protecting your home.


Do You Really Need Monthly Pest Control?

It is recommended to issue a preventive treatment of both home and lawn every month. An average service can last about two months. If the technicians come once a month, they can evaluate how the products are working and make adjustments if necessary.

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Consider that monthly service can cost from $ 40 to $ 55, while the eradication of insects or plagues once installed starts at $ 200 for the simplest weevils to $ 500 in the worst cases. You must add to that the cost of amending or replacing your damaged goods.

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If you live in an apartment building, some places may have more serious problems than others in terms of infestation. In that case, the frequency of the treatment will depend on the conditions of each one, the size of the apartment, and how advanced the problem is.

For cold weather locations, you can consider pausing the service during winter. However, some animals, like mice, can seek shelter at people’s homes when the cold hits.

What is the Difference Between Pest Control and Exterminator?

Although they may have the same objective of eliminating the pests, pest management companies and exterminator are very different. While exterminators use pesticides and chemicals that sometimes are unnecessarily toxic, pest control professionals will find out what conditions attracted the plague and will work on changing that first.

Sometimes the use of chemicals cannot be avoided. In those cases, most pest control service companies prefer using eco-friendly products. There is an organic pest control trend that doesn’t involve man-made chemicals, instead natural substances such as soap, salt, and vinegar, lime sulfur, and pyrethrum are used.

Another difference is that pest control service practices long-term solutions. Exterminators focus on total destruction of the plague, but the complete eradication of a pest population will rarely happen. You must know that even plagues play an important role to maintain environmental balance.

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Can I Do Pest Control Myself?

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There are different ways to solve this problem. If you want to do it yourself, there are specific products for addressing different kinds of issues. First of all, you need to identify correctly the pest and decide what method to use. If the issue is complex, involves large areas, or if very toxic substances are required, you may ask for expert advice or hire a professional pest management service.

After this analysis, if you still decide to go ahead with the process, there are some things that you should consider:

  • Try prevention methods: Remove sources of food, store your food in plastic containers, avoid water accumulation, close off places where animals like rats can enter and hide.
  • Safe use of pesticides: Keep them away from children and pets, follow the label’s instructions, be aware of safety warnings, use approved chemicals.
  • Never use outdoor pesticides indoors.
  • Avoid transferring pesticides to other containers.

How Do I Choose a Pest Control Company?

When choosing a provider for pest control services, start by asking “Which are the pest control companies near me?”. Local companies know better than anyone else what kind of plagues there are in your neighborhood and will have the methods to battle them. Then, consider:

  • What qualifications and certifications do they have? Check if they have current licenses and if they are informed of changes in regulations.
  • Experience of both the company and its technicians in treating the kind of pests you have.
  • Ask other people for recommendations and reviews
  • Evaluate what they offer and compare with other providers.
  • Customer service. Do they care about your concerns?
  • Safety: What do they explain about toxicity? Do they offer less aggressive options? Do they care about environmental risks?
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What is a Good Price for Pest Control Service?


An average service can cost from $ 250 – $ 400. However, in the US, the price can vary greatly by region and frequency of visits. The following table will give you an average general idea of the costs:





One-time visit


$ 300 – $ 550

Initial visit

Inspection and defining problems and solutions.

$ 180



$ 40 – $ 45



$ 50 – $ 55



$ 100 – $ 300

What is the Best Pest Control Service Company?

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There are several companies in the US that can help you. Consumer Affairs defined who they think are the best ten providers that work quickly and safely when it comes to plagues. Also, they help clients take preventative measures to avoid infestation to happen again.

But, if you want a local company that specializes in pest control and offers unmatched customer service, call Scott’s Turf and Pest Services today at 919-923-2361. We offer local pest control, pest removal, termite removal, and bed bug exterminator services anywhere in Orange, Durham, Alamance, and Wake Counties.


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