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Do Rats Attract Snakes?

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If you see a snake by your home, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have a rat problem, but if it becomes a consistent occurrence, it wouldn’t hurt to check attic and storage spaces for rat droppings. So, with that in mind do rats attract snakes? The experts at Scott’s Turf and Pest Services, pest control in Durham, North Carolina are here to take a look.

Do Rats Attract Snakes

Will snakes enter a house to find rats?

Although not very common, snakes may enter a home if they believe that there is food available for them. Snakes can find their way into a home through small holes which are usually in the same place where rats and mice may enter. Unlike rats and mice though, snakes don’t enter your home to remain there. Snakes are looking for food and once they have eaten their prey, they are looking for a way back out. The only reason they might stay is if they can’t find their way back out. If this happens, then the snake will try to find a place that is warm, dry and quiet. This could include basements, inside walls, or behind appliances. If you find a snake in your home, don’t kill it, instead call a pest control service like Scott’s Turf and Pest Services.

Is it bad to have snakes around my house?

If you’re the type of person who is afraid of snakes, then you might think that all snakes are bad, but this just isn’t true. One of North Carolina’s most common snakes is the rat snake, which gets its name from feeding mainly on rats and mice. These snakes can be identified by their shiny black skin and can grow up to six feet long. They may sound scary but they are harmless to people. Rat snakes can actually be quite beneficial to have around your home as they will help to keep the population of rats and mice under control.

How to keep snakes away from your house

The best way to keep snakes away from your property is to ensure that you don’t have a rodent problem in your house. Leaving uncovered garbage out overnight might attract rats and mice to your home, which will attract snakes. Snakes like high in tall grass under piles of undisturbed debris, like rocks and wood. To keep snakes away, keep the grass trimmed and don’t have piles of debris sitting untouched for long periods.

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