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Mice are regarded as one of the most troublesome pests in many parts of the world. They can chew through boxes and walls in your pantry and destroy your home. These pests can also gnaw on wires and cause house fires. 

What’s more, mice carry many disease-causing organisms like bacteria, and that is why their droppings often worsen asthma and allergy situations. But it can never be too late to start mice-proofing. Here is what you can do to control these pests and eventually get rid of them. 

Identify and Eliminate Entry Points

 Many homeowners start by putting down traps. Putting baits all over your floor may never do you any good. But you can do better if you start by figuring out where the mice are coming from.  

After doing that, seal all the entry points. Do not use rubber, plastic, wood, or any other material that the mice can gnaw through. This will reduce the number of mice entering your house.

Use Mice Traps

Use the right mouse traps to get rid of the mice that are already in your home. Most people find the classic wooden snap traps desirable. They are the best ones if you are experiencing light to moderate mice infestation.  

But be careful not to fall into the trap of underestimating mice infestations. It makes more sense to use various types of mouse traps. For example, you can find bait traps, wooden traps, glue traps, and multiple-captured live traps to control the mice population.

Improve Sanitation

 Poor sanitation attracts mice, and so you need to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. Even though poor sanitation attracts these pests, good sanitation can hardly help you eliminate them. A mouse can survive on between 3-and-4 grams of food per day, which means all the pests need to continue thriving are a few crumbs.

Mice Control Using Cats

 Many cats eat mice; having a cat can help the infestation can stop being a major concern before long. Moreover, you hardly require spending a lot of energy to do the work. Cats have the skills to hunt mice. 

At the same time mice fear cats and often run for their lives whenever they notice them. However, some of these pests hardly bother mice.

Mouse Problem Too Large or Just Bothersome?

If none of the above methods are appropriate for you, let a professional get rid of your mice problem for you. Scott’s Turf and Pest Services has helped clients all over the triangle get rid of mice problems for years. Call us for mice control today at 919-923-2361.

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