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Mole Pest Control in Bynum, NC

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Mole Pest Control in Bynum, NC

Looking for a mole pest control in Bynum, NC? Awesome, you’ve landed at the right place. 

Moles can do substantial damage to greens, fairways, lawns, turf, sports grounds, and formal gardens with their frequent digging. They can create complex burrow systems by quickly establishing themselves in a location because of their ability to dig up to 4 meters per hour. The sense of small moles is generally poor, as is their eyesight. They sense flood by their acute sense of vibration and touch.

Ridges and molehills spoil flower beds, lawns, bowling, and golf greens. Their tunneling damages the roots of new plants, exposing debris and stones that can damage machinery. These factors are costly to businesses and gardeners that depend on their gardens, greens, lawns, and grounds. In fact, moles prefer to inhabit areas that are rich in worms and insects because 80% of their diet is based around earthworms.

Taking immediate action at the first sign of moles will ensure quick treatment of your problem. Call Scott’s Turf and Pest for help.

How Do I know if I have a mole infestation?

The importance of recognizing early signs of moles moving in cannot be overemphasized. That’s because you’re able to quickly put mole control measures to good use. The foremost is a shallow tunnel. These will create a raised ridge in the middle of your carefully manicured lawn or between your beautiful rose bushes. The other is a tunnel that runs 10-40 cm below the surface. While these tunnels aren’t visible, the molehills used to enter the tunnels will surely be an eyesore.

Since the moles stay underground, chances are, you won’t see them. But if you’ve got an infestation, you’ll definitely know about it through:

  • Uneven ground
  • Disturbed plants, roots, and grassy areas
  • Raised ridges around an opening in the earth
  • Fresh mounds of soil

Why is mole prevention necessary?

The metabolism of moles is poor. However, earthworms are their favorite food. The problem is: the health and quality of your soil and garden will deplete as the population of worms lessen, and the nitrogen cycle is disturbed. You’ll not just be left with unattractive ridges and hills, but the moles can actually manage to obliterate the garden you once cherished.

In a litter, female moles can have up to seven pups. Every pup will soon establish and dig its own tunnel network. They can cause tremendous damage to your property in a short time period because they’re skilled at digging tunnels at up to 4 meters per hour.

If moles are giving you a problem, call our local professionals. With years of experience, Scott’s Turf and Pest effectively removes your pests and is pleased to offer you first-rate service. Give us a call, and we’ll be on our way!

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