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Mole Pest Control

When you have spent time, money, and effort designing the yard of your dreams the last thing you want to see is a pesky mole tearing up your hard work. So get ahead of the damage with professional pest control because once they enter your soil they can cause long-term damage to your lawn’s health and appearance.

A few signs you have a mole infestation:

  • Raised mounds of dirt. These occur where the entrance/exit to mole tunnels can be found.

  • Areas of dead grass that have a specific path of travel.

  • Areas of your lawn feeling “soft” or like the soil is very squishy and loose. 

Taking immediate action at the first sign of moles will ensure quick treatment of your problem and successful prevention of severe damage. Call Scott’s Turf and Pest for a free quote at 919-923-2361 or schedule your service below 

What We Do As Your Mole Control Company

The experts at Scotts Turf and Pest Services will operate on 3 basic principles to eliminate moles around your property:

1. Prevention: Our team will initiate treatment by first discussing how to prevent future mole infestations. Our goal is to take measures that will control the pests from the outside of the home so that you do not have to fear finding them on the inside.

2. Eliminate: Once we diagnose the source of the infestation, we will provide a prompt and efficient solution to eliminate the pests invading your yard. No matter the population size, we have a solution. Our team uses a mix control tactics to safely remove moles away from your property. 

3. Control: In addition to the initial elimination we offer routine maintenance programs to ensure your house remains safe from pests throughout the year. We offer 

Our Mole Control Packages

With over 27 years of experience in the pest control industry, we strive to provide the best quality mole removal services to our customers throughout Durham, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, and Mebane. 

We offer a variety of effective and cost efficient mole control packages with treatment options perfect for anytime of  year. All packages are built with the option to be quarterly, monthly, or trinanual based on your specific service needs . Call us at 919-923-2361 to start your free consultation or learn more below!

How to Prevent Moles

To prevent moles and other pest problems, it is important that you take measures to eliminate the insects and garden plants that supply them energy before you even have an issue. By removing their food source and limiting the amount you water your lawn you will greatly decrease your chances of attracting moles, voles, and other common pests. Additionally, regular use of repellant around the perimeter of your yard should drastically reduce the chance of pest from entering your property service areas.

If you are still facing the threat of moles or other invasive rodents, you may need to place traps or contact a professional pest control company.

Why is mole prevention necessary?

Moles not only create severe damage to the soil they tunnel through, but they consume large amounts of earthworms. This creates an even larger concern because the health and quality of your soil and garden will deplete as the population of worms lessen, as well as the nitrogen cycle will be disturbed causing long term issues. So you’ll not only be left with unattractive ridges and hills, but the moles can actually manage to obliterate the garden soil you once cherished for a long time.

Even more concerning, moles reproduce in large amounts which means discovering the threat earlier has a more promising outcome. Female moles can have up to seven pups at one time that will soon establish and dig their own tunnel network. 

Don’t Wait! Contact a Mole Control Expert in the Triangle Area Today?

Moles and other rodents can be tricky to eliminate, but the experts at Scotts Turf and Pest Services will ensure you get to enjoy your outdoor space! We serve Chapel HillDurhamMebaneBurlington and the surrounding area. Please send us a message using the form below or call 919-923-2361 for a free estimate.

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