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How to Kill Mosquito Larvae

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Mosquito Larvae

If you want to get control of your yard back from mosquitoes, it is best to attack while they are still larvae. This is when they are most vulnerable and not able to fly away. With a mosquito infestation, even if you kill one, there are 300 more in your area waiting to hatch. Once you get a bite too, you could be itchy for weeks. With this post we aim to go over how to kill mosquito larvae from Scott’s Turf and Pest Services, the pest control experts in Durham, NC.

Mosquito Larvae Control

What do mosquito larvae look like?

When a mosquito is in the larvae stage, they are actually in their second stage of the life cycle. The tiny, cylindrical white worms dangle from the surface of the water, whipping themselves around in search of food.

They are often called “wrigglers” as a result.

What does mosquito larvae look like in standing water?

Mosquito larvae can be difficult to see at times as they will swim around collecting food. The larvae only stick their tail end out of the water to breathe every so often.

A telltale sign of a mosquito breeding ground is the presence of a mosquito’s egg raft. These collections mean that there are mosquito larvae in the area or there will be when the eggs hatch.

Best way to get rid of mosquito larvae

In the past, mosquito larvae were exterminated in stagnant ponds and marshes by using kerosene oil. As the oil was dumped into the water it settled on top, creating a poisonous environment for the mosquito larvae and suffocating them. This was obviously stopped for environmental reasons.

So how can we get rid of them now?

The aqueous cycle of a mosquito’s life is actually the best time to exterminate them. A female mosquito will lay up to 300 eggs in one area meaning that they will all be concentrated here before they develop and fly off.

There are a few quick DIY methods to consider at this point:

Dump It

If you find something in your yard that has a pool of stagnant water with eggs or mosquito larvae in it, you can just dump out the stagnant water. They need water, so dumping them onto dry land will kill them.


This is not suggested as it’s toxic to the environment around the treated location. It will kill larvae, but it will most likely kill all the life around it as well.

Dish Soap, Apple Cider Vinegar, Oil

If you are desperate to try a DIY method, you can use one of these three solutions. Although keep in mind that these are not guaranteed to be effective. Some swear by these solutions, but it may be just as easy to contact an extermination company to take care of the situation without error.

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