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The Differences between a carpenter bee and bumblebee

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Examining the differences between a carpenter bee and bumblebee

As a residential pest control company in North Carolina, a question we get asked a lot is what is the difference between a carpenter bee and bumblebee. And that is a great question! Here are some ways to help distinguish the differences between a carpenter bee and a bumblebee.

Difference between a carpenter bee and bumblebee

Is a carpenter bee the same as a bumblebee? 

Bumble bees have a hairy abdomen that may have some yellow markings. – Carpenter bees have a bare, shiny black abdomen. … You can see carpenter bees darting and diving around as well as “chasing” each other. Carpenter bees are also primarily solitary bees, whereas bumble bees are social bees that nest together.

Is a carpenter bee bigger than a bumblebee? 

Both bees are about the same size (almost 1 inch) and both are black and yellow. The easiest way to tell the difference is that the top of our eastern carpenter bee’s abdomen is black, shiny, and hairless, while the bumble bee’s abdomen is fuzzy black, often with a yellow band.

Can carpenter bees sting or bite you? 

Carpenter bees do not bite. The female does have a stinger but will only sting if directly handled; the female is not generally aggressive.

Are carpenter bees bad? 

While fairly harmless, carpenter bees increase the number of nests over the course of years, causing noticeable damage to wood. They can also create stains with their feces. The sudden appearance of carpenter bees crawling out of wood often frightens people. Females can sting, but will only do so if bothered.

What smells do carpenter bees hate? 

The insect cannot stand the fragrance of citrus fruits. Certain oils have a property that repels the Carpenter Bees and keeps them at bay. Mix some lavender oil, Tea tree oil, Jojoba oil and Citronella oil in a bowl. Pour the mixture of oil into a spray bottle and spritz the whole area with this essential oil mixture.

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