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How to Eliminate Palmetto Bugs from Your House

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Palmetto Bugs

The palmetto bug can reach up to 50mm in length and has large wings, with the capability to produce hundreds of eggs in a lifetime. The palmetto bug is one pest you do not want hanging around in or around your home. With the insight from Scott’s Turf and Pest Services, a top-rated pest control company in Durham, NC, we will see how to eliminate palmetto bugs from your house.

How to Eliminate Palmetto Bugs from Your House

Seal Entry Points

The palmetto bug, or otherwise known as the American Cockroach, or even sometimes “water bug,” will jump at the chance to get into your home. Their large wings make flying through a window or door easy. To keep the pests out, keep all entryways close. Be sure that your windows and doors fit tightly in frames. If you enjoy having the windows open, make sure they have a screen to keep these pests out.

Get Rid of Potential Habitats

Palmetto Bugs are not naturally indoor pests, but they will try to get in when seeking warmth. Outdoors, they will typically live in moist, dark places, including tall grasses, foliage, and piles of debris. You can decrease the chances of them entering your home by keeping any of these habitats at least 10 feet away from your house.

Clean Food Debris in Your House

A dirty or wet kitchen is a magnet for these bugs, they will always seek moisture and food. Since the pests are nocturnal, you might not even know you have an invasion until you walk in the kitchen at night for a glass of water only to hear that crunch under your foot. To prevent this cringey scenario, keep food areas clean and dry. Seal perishables in containers and remove any wet cleaning materials immediately after using them. Palmetto Bugs are not picky scavengers. Exposed dog food and water bowls, and standing plant water increase this infestation risk as well.

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