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Local Mosquito Control Like No Other

There is nothing that can make you think twice about relishing the great outdoors, quite like mosquitoes. These pests are not just annoying but also a prevalent element of Southern summers that may lead you to think they’re inescapable. Finally comes the time to rethink that.

Scott’s Turf and Pest provides a comprehensive mosquito pest control program. With our assistance, attain a dramatic reduction of mosquitoes from your property.

How do we operate?

The technicians at Scott’s Turf and Pest apply the same integrated approach to mosquitoes that we do to our other residential services. Every mosquito control service comprises the following steps:

Identification and removal of breeding sites: If the mosquito problem of your property is specifically significant, chances are the mosquitoes are laying eggs and breeding on site. If you look around your home, breeding spots may consist of temporary water-holding containers like pots and birdbaths, and mosquitoes can breed in just seven days. The technicians of Scott’s Turf and Pest will identify and get rid of breeding sites, while communicating the most effective way to deal with these sites proactively on your own well after the service appointment has reached completion.

Treatment of harborage sites: We are all aware of the fact that mosquitoes feed on blood, but did you know they drink moisture and nectar too? Mosquitoes love any place where they stay cool and hydrated. After these sites are identified by the technicians of Scott’s Turf and Pest, a residual insecticide will be used to treat resting sites and mosquito harborage near and around the perimeter of your home. This mosquito treatment service may assist in controlling mosquitoes that contact treated surfaces a few days later.

Why does our mosquito control work?

Of course, we’re all aware of the fact that getting rid of mosquitoes is an uphill task. They’re simply too tenacious and numerous to keep away entirely. So what makes Scott’s Turf and Pest more effective than DIY steps? The question is fair. Here’s the answer:

Don’t treat symptoms, treat causes: In contrast to DIY methods, Scott’s Turf and Pest doesn’t just kill the existing mosquitoes occupying the property. In fact, we address the reasons why mosquitoes keep coming back, also helping the site owner to reduce conductive conditions proactively.

Holistic approach: At Scott’s Turf and Pest, we don’t just follow a single procedure to eliminate the mosquitoes. Instead, we do what our professionals think will work best for your timeframe, your needs, and of course, your property.

To reduce mosquito activity around your home, we identify the best techniques. The technique that is key to help prevent the continued presence of mosquitoes is to find and treat potential breeding sites. When you select Scott’s Turf and Pest, you get a service that understands, mosquitoes, pest prevention, and you!

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