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  • Scott's Turf and Pest is a very professional and quality company to work with. All over their staff are very knowledgable on every service that they preform. You can not go wrong using this local company for any of your pest control needs.

    Alan Thompson

    Steve is very professional and super nice! Came right out and did a great job. Easy to communicate with and helpful. Would highly recommend him 😀

    Megan Turner

    Scott arrived at our house on time and was very professional during his visit. He is very animal friendly and did not hesitate to greet our dog and cat. He went through the entire house and yard and recommended the best treatment options for our pest situation. We look forward to a pest free summer with the help of Scott.

    Kevin Lee
  • I am very satisfied with the service Scott has provided for the past one year. He is extremely responsive and has come by several times outside of the quarterly maintenance plan. He has been there the very next day I have called him. One time, he and his son came in the middle of heavy rain because I was leaving town. Because of his service, I see hardly any cockroaches. My house was heavily infested when I moved in. I will recommend him to my friends any day. Thank you Scott.

    Indranil Bagchi

    So happy I found this local small business. They do great work. Gerardo took care of the house yesterday and did a thorough, quality job with a smile. Would definitely recommend.

    Catherine B-333

    I checked my local area to see if there was anyone nearby that could help me out with a pest control issue I was having at my home. I found evidence of mice for about a week and had a palmetto bug get in and that was the last straw. I called Scott’s Turf and Pest Services and scheduled an appointment for the next not-rainy day. My nerves were shot after a week dealing with the mice, so I ended up visiting family over the weekend. On the appointment day, they assured me that the spray was safe and that the bait would take care of the mice. I stayed for the appointment, but didn’t want to see any more creepy crawlies (even if they were on the way out) and I went back to my family’s place. I’m back now and I saw some evidence of mouse activity, but I’ll have to see what’s up with them. I’m staying vigilant! The outdoor treatment seems good from what I can tell so far. Way fewer bugs in general running around and hopefully all the ones I’m the most scared of are gone. Only time will tell! I appreciated chatting and having all my questions answered- there was a whole list!- as well as a couple questions I forgot about after the appointment. No hesitation on assuring me that it didn’t seem too bad (I was admittedly a little worked up given I live in a small space and the creepies feel way closer than in a traditional home). I am thankful to have someone on my side that I can contact with any questions rather than waiting over a week and staying stressed out!

    Char Reed