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What Are Common Types of Spiders Found in North Carolina?

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There are a lot of different types of spiders that may be found throughout North Carolina. Here is a list of the top five most commonly found kinds:

Wolf Spiders

These spiders may be black, grey, or brown with striped legs and distinctively large eyes. They hunt for their prey at night which includes grasshoppers, crickets, and various insects. While they have excellent vision during the day, wolf spiders have poor eyesight at night which forces them to rely on vibrations to capture their food. When it comes to building webs for trapping prey, these types of North Carolina spiders will only use an irregular-shaped web if catching insects is not possible. If you see a wolf spider with its mouth open, it is probably not trying to attack you. If the spider is out during the day and has its mouth closed, then that might signal an impending attack.

Spiders in NC

Orb Weavers

    These North Carolina spiders are also known as “writing spiders” because of their unique web patterns. You can find them in trees, shrubs, on rocks, or just about any other surface. They come in many different colors but are usually yellowish-green with pale legs and dark markings on their abdomen. The northeastern part of North Carolina is where you are most likely to see orb weavers outside their nests so if you don’t see any North Carolina spiders inside your home after checking the webs at night, you can always check outside.

    Crab Spiders

    This is one of the most common North Carolina spiders and they don’t just live on land either. You can find them under rocks or leaves which makes it difficult to spot them, even if you know what they look like. If you do see a crab spider, it will be about the size of a nickel with red, white, and black markings on its body depending upon the species. The female crab spider usually stays in one place and waits for prey to approach her but the male North Carolina spider will roam around looking for mates; making him more visible by humans as he searches for love.

    Funnel Weaver Spiders

    These arachnids are also known as grass spiders, but the North Carolina Entomology Department actually prefers “funnel weaver.” You can usually find these spiders around homes under decks or in rock walls. They work on silk traps that funnel their prey into their middle where they capture it with legs before eating it. The males are more likely to roam at night while the females stay put during the daytime which is what makes them so difficult to spot.

    Dark Fishing Spiders

    Dark fishing spiders may also live in North Carolina homes where they set up their web traps near the water. They tend to be bigger than most of our other spiders with females measuring up to ten millimetres and males measuring up to fifteen millimetres long. Fishing spiders like dark, humid places since they lack pigmentation and will use any damp area for a nest or resting place. The web traps of fishing spiders are usually about fifty percent water which allows insects or anything else that falls into them to sink before the spider catches it.

    Many people get more than just these top five North Carolina spiders in their homes but you should not fear them because they will not bite unless they feel threatened. As long as you do not bother them, they will likely pay little attention to you and continue hunting for things that fly or run instead of crawling around on your skin. You still might want to keep an eye out if you have wolf spiders or funnel weavers in your home since they are venomous but even if you do get bit, you will likely only feel a little numbness in your skin.

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