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Has your home been invaded by wasps, hornets, or another type of bee? At Scott’s Turf & Pest Control Services our technicians are trained in the most effective wasp control and removal methods to help you regain control of your home from unwanted pests. 

Wasps, hornets, and other forms of vespid wasps are some of the most dangerous species of stinging insets due to their powerful stings, which in some cases can become fatal.

If you are unsure of the bee family you are dealing with, protect yourself and your home by letting our expert pest control team get your home pest free. While it is recommended to leave the matter to experts, we do agree having some knowledge about the kind of pests attacking your home can help you tackle the problem thoroughly. To schedule your appointment with our pest control professionals today, click on the button below!

What We Do As Your Wasp Control Company

At Scott’s Turf & Pest Services we operate on three basic principles as your pest control service.

1. Kill: No matter the scope of the pest problems at hand, our initial treatment will be formulated to eliminate the threat immediately. We will use granules, spray, and aerosol to eradicate the pests in their current location before they have the chance invade other areas your home.

2. Control: After the first round of treatment we will work to minimize additional damages from the previous wasps and hornets. We will survey the surrounding area for any

3. Prevention: By performing routine quarterly pest control services in and around your home you will maintain control of the insect populations trying to make their home on your property. We have many general pest control packages that include preventative measures for your specific needs.


What Causes A Bee Infestation?

If you’ve ever been chased by a swarm of angry bees, you know that bee infestations are no joke. But what exactly causes a bee infestation? Which bees require pest control? And how can you get rid of them once they’ve taken up residence in your home?

Bee infestations are most often caused by wasps and hornets. These pests build their nests in trees and other sheltered areas, and over time, the nests can become quite large. If a nest is disturbed, the wasps and hornets will become agitated and may attack anything nearby – including you! In some cases, a wasp or hornet nest can become so large that it becomes a nuisance to the local community. If this happens, it’s important to get a pest control company involved to remove the nests before someone is hurt.

Others species of bees, on the other hand, are far less aggressive than wasps and hornets. They’re also far more helpful to humans, as they play an important role in pollination. Yes they still become a nuisance if they build their nests too close to human habitation, but you should always ask your pest control provider to identify the bee and create a plan of action to exterminate or relocate the hive.

Are Hornets and Wasps Similar?

Yes! Wasps and hornets have many similarities and actually belong to the same insect family; Vespidae. This means that all members of these bee families will have venom and sting objects that disturb their nests. This can be a large threat to humans, especially those with allergies because both hornets and wasps live in colonies. Which means as an extremely social species, these bees have a strong urge to protect their fellow colony members.  

It is because Hornets and Wasps are so similar to each other, that people often find it difficult to identify the threat they may be dealing with. Sometimes they can be even be confused with another member of their species, yellow jackets. However, there are some striking differences that can make it easier to distinguish between them. Learn more about wasp and hornet nest here.

Wasp Pest Control in Membane NC

What Problems Do Wasps Cause?

While the threat of wasps may not be as concerning as bed bugs or termites to the structure of your house, there are serious health issues to be aware of when it comes to stinging insects.

  • If a wasp nest is found inside your house, the more obvious problem is an infestation can result in a serious stinging episode and cause allergic reaction. Even a singular sting from a wasps or hornet can be fatal if an unidentified allergy exists or an individual experiences multiple stings in a short time frame. Also, when nests are created inside they may damage the wallboard or ceilings creating possible space for scavenger pests to call home.

  • If a hornet or wasp finds its way inside right before cold months, it is very likely that it won’t even be seen until the following spring when it decides to get outside and the pest issue has already developed.

Where to Look For Wasps and Hornets

If you have seen a few stray wasps flying around your home it is best to survey the surrounding areas for signs of a nest and identify your overall pest control needs. Identifying a pest problem in the beginning stages will ultimately help lower the overall structural damage and threat level for painful stings. It’s important to note that Wasps and Hornets often seek shelter where they have food and shelter close by. Below is a list of common spaces to survey for pest issues year round;

  • Attics and crawl spaces

  • The corners of sheds or other outdoor structures

  • Tree branches

  • Soffits and eaves

  • Porch ceilings

  • Window corners

  • The undersides of porches and decks

  • The insides of grills or hose reels

However, the threat of bees never fully disappears because like many common pests, wasps and hornets, frequently feed on insects like flies, caterpillars, and spiders. They will also seek out nectar from plants, which is why it’s important to also have a treatment plan that helps eliminate the food sources that ultimately attract them to your home.

Hornet Pest Control in Membane NC

What is the Best Way to Remove Wasps and Hornets?

No one enjoys when pests take over their living space, but maybe giving them the good ole swat-a-roo isnt for you? If you are not interested in removing the pest problem by your own hand, we have provided a few pest control options you try on your own;

  • Spread powder dust around the area of origination
  • Apply ultrasonic pest control tools
  • Spray insecticide
  • Light citronello candles
  • Spread moth balls
  • Install electrical zapping tool
  • Use vinegar to spray the pests or the suspected nesting grounds.

While it is possible these methods can help remove the current pest problem at hand, it is important to note that spraying pest can be dangerous. Wasps and Hornets are known to sting when threatened and many of the chemicals used to help eliminate them without direct contact can be harmful to other animals or humans that come in contact with them.

So it is always safest to seek professional help from an experienced pest control service to not only ensure the extermination is completed safely, but that you can sleep rest assured knowing that measures have been put in place to protect your house from future pest issues.

Why You Should Hire Bee Exterminators?

If you’ve ever dealt with a wasp or hornet problem before, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of them without proper pest control. Even if you manage to remove the nest, wasps have a tendency to come back. That’s why it’s important to call a professional pest control company when you think you may have a bee or wasp infestation. Our experienced technicians will quickly and safely remove the nest, and take steps to prevent future infestations.

We know that in many cases pest control services can be an important investment for homeowners. Which is why our team at Scott’s Turf & Pest Services goes above and beyond to protect your home and surrounding property against pest damage. Keeping your home safe from pests is essential to minimizing long term costs and preventing damage from pests.

Protecting Your Investment

In addition to your wasp or hornet removal, we also offer long-term pest control services to keep your home or business wasp-free all year round. Those services can also help to prevent termites, rodents, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and many other pests. In serious cases we can offer the ability to provide same day service. So don’t wait until you have a wasp problem – give us a call today 919-923-2361 or fill out the form below to set up your consultation and let’s get started on your personalized pest control plan!

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