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5 Star Review

We have Scott's to our home for quarterly pest control service and occasionally, unexpected pest service! Steve and his team are very responsive, professional, and always do a great job. They are an important partner in keeping our home in top condition. Thanks Steve!

Mary S
5 Star Review

Scott was knowledgeable, friendly, and competent. It was a pleasure, and I'm pleased they will provide continued services to us. I trust him!

john kenneally
5 Star Review

I had copperhead snakes under a plastic tarp in my yard. A mama had birthed babies.I checked out five companies. One wanted $500 to set up cruel mouse poisons around the yard, a $99 per month fee for removing any snake, no exception for the good kind, black snakes and king snakes. Another company told me that he would scatter his deterrent but that it would probably do no good. Other companies were expensive.

Pat Blevins Webster