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Can Termites Bite Humans?

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Termite Control

If you’ve never had to deal with termites before and are worried that a pest in your home is biting you, your first thought might be if they are biting you. Your next thought probably is, can termites bite humans? For the answer we asked the experts at Scott’s Turf and Pest Services, pest control in Durham, North Carolina for their insight.

Can Termites Bite Humans


Soldier termites are members of the colony that have the mission of protecting their queen and fellow termites. While most termites will not bite, these kinds are the exception to that rule. Soldier termites have a larger head and bigger jaws than the rest of the colony, which makes it easier for them to bite in the event you cross paths with one. If you get a bite, it will probably resemble a mosquito bite in size, itchiness, and redness. There have been no incidents of termites spreading disease, so a simple hydrocortisone cream should do the trick for treating a bite should one occur.

Do termites bite pets?

If your dog or cat enjoys spending time outside, there’s really no need to worry about protecting them against termite bites. Since these insects mainly hide out in dark and damp places, it’s highly unlikely that your pet will come into any kind of contact with them. Should they get a bite, just keep an eye out that they don’t aggravate the area with excessive itching.

How will I know if I have termites?

If you come across hollow sounding wood, stuck doors or windows, mud tubes along your baseboards, a quiet clicking from within the walls, or droppings that resemble small wood pellets.

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